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Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam

Being born in the same small Australian town as Brad Pitt, Jamie has spent much of his life fending off questions about he and Brad's early life as "Mates". Unable to avoid the constant questions and comparisons to Brad, Jamie fled Australia and has found peace in the sleepy Japanese hamlet of Oami. As an English teacher (funny huh!) Jamie has been able to spread the glorious Australian form of English know as "Occa".
A somewhat uneducated brute, Jamie was expelled from the school of life......twice.



October 2nd, 2006

TGS 2006

Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam
Here is a collage of pictures I took at the Tokyo Game Show last weekend. Notice the freaks in pink. They were a couple who had donned matching outfits for a day out playing video games. The enthusiastic young gentleman had even gone so far as to write the letters T.G.S on his forehead. Such dedication is rarely seen outside Japan. Thank goodness.

Fifth row down, first picture. The guy in the middle with the glasses is none other than Hideo Kojima. Producer of the fine Metal Gear Solid series of video games. I was near greatness for about 30 seconds until I realized he was speaking Japanese so I let. Not quite as exciting as meeting say, Jon Bon Jovi. I would put it ib the same league as meeting Al Grazby, which, incidentally, I never have.

TGS 2006

Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam
I went on a man date to the Tokyo Game Show on the 24th of September with one of the guys from school. A holler to my main man Atsushi! (He is very cute ladies!)

Being the rebel I am, I had to take a photo of something I was not supposed to. There were several large sumo-esque guards patrolling the Playstation 3 booth looking for individuals with cameras poised trying to take snaps of the top secret, only viewed by the 160,000 visitors to this years TGS, games soon to be released. (Actually, it was small Japanese man holding a sign having a quiet snooze) Sorry for the dodgy image quality but these were taken while doing a commando roll disguised as a large chocobo.

Sony 0 - Ninja Jamie 2
I went to Chiba to see some friends about 10 days ago and took these chestnuts. I forgot about them until today. I would love to know what game he was playing on his PSP so I can avoid it like the plague!

Now that I think about it, he may have been playing one of those Japan only train simulators. He quite probably was simulating the high speed, high energy, high excitement trip from Oami to Chiba on his PSP and found it to be a little to life like and promptly fell asleep. Just a theory.
Sam and I went to Shibuya last night for dinner and I found this guy on the train between Chiba and Oami. I actually got up an moved about 10 seats down so I could get better shots. Enjoy.







September 13th, 2006

Sleeping like a baby

Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam
Today I took a trip to Akihabara to buy a new game and a cable for my computer. I took the camera planning on snapping some shots of the sights and sounds of Akiba. (OK, so you cant take a photo of the sounds but you get my drift!) Unfortunately, it was raining nekos and inus so no shots too be had. As I headed home shattered that my sojourn had not been recorded for prosperity, I was greeted by this most amazing of sights.

Allow me to walk you through what is a common happening on the daily commute for millions of Japanese citizens.

The school girl in the white shirt has had a very hard day. She probably started school at about 7am and finished at 4pm. She quite likely then went to a juku or cram school to learn Japanese calligraphy, Integers or how to conjugate a verb. She is at this stage very relaxed due to the pleasant rocking motion of the train. Note the empty seat next to her and the woman at the door.

Another traveler has spotted the empty seat and has parked her caboose. She has just got comfy and is about to resume sending her text message.
Our school girl friend has assumed the oh so relaxed, head back, mouth open position.

In this shot, our second traveler has noticed the school girl slowly leaning towards her personal space. To combat this, she has shifted slightly forward in her seat. Note that the text messaging has not been interrupted at all. The school girl is completely oblivious to her incursion into the other woman's sovereign space.

To give the school girl additional sleeping space, the business woman has moved even further forward in her seat and is at risk of winding up on the floor.

In an unrequited act of chivalry, the business woman has resorted to using her umbrella as an improvised third leg to allow her to lean even further forward to give our sleeping princess unrestricted access to her seat. Note yet again that at no stage has the text messaging been put on hold. This is a prime example of both Japanese politeness and efficiency.

September 11th, 2006


Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam
Once a month at my work we have an event. Sometimes its a movie night or a casino night. Last months was a Hawaiian night. It was great fun. We had about 40 current, ex and prospective students turn up for some fun and games. Here are some pics of the night.

Ladies man!

Where's Mr. Scotto?

Oh so cute!

Work for the camera baby!

Apparently, this is called food.

Julia and Mr. Scotto hula hooping.

The adorable Shoko.

Nick, Julia and Mr. Scotto.

Will you marry me?

I love Mr. Scotto.

Random stuff.

Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam
Extras that don't really fit any category.

Me and my second wife.

Our baby. We have two kami (turtles). Momo and Aka-chan

Can we have some privacy here?

Sam and some of my students who have become our friends. From left: Yukiko, Sam, Izumi and Kayo.

Two of my co-workers. Julia on guffaw and Scott on vocals.
Here is a new pic of Sam and a new pic of me. I think I am aging quite well. Sam doesn't look too bad either.


Shoes, glorious shoes.

Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam
It has been said that maybe I have a bit of a shoe fetish due to the large amount of shoe pictures I post. Here are some more. Draw your own conclusions.

These babies were on special. Only ¥12,800 (you do the math). I was oh so tempted.

These darlings are the slip on versions of the treasures above. The socks help him to cary off the whole deal. Scrumptious!

Black pants, black shoes and white socks. Am I at school here??
Two more shots of people in the land of nod. I have even given up trying to be sneaky when taking the pictures. Just point and shoot.

This is the nicest pink jacket I have ever seen. Why he is not using the 4 seats at his disposal I do not know.

Jo and a friend. This is quite a common occurrence on Japanese trains. The first time it happened to me , it was a cute girl and her hair smelled nice so I just let her be.
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