May 18th, 2006

Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam

Densha de go go

I thought I would share with you some places of interest relating to Sam and I here in Japan in two parts. Below you will find a "partial" map of the greater Tokyo rail system. I say partial because this picture is only about 1/3 of the total map. Please note that this map does not include private lines or subway lines, only JR lines. Private and subway lines would close to double the amount of lines on the map.

The spaghetti incident.

If you look to the bottom right you will see a station called Yatsumi. This is the station closest to my cousin Lara's house. We stayed here for close to one month when we first arrived in Japan. The funny thing is that "Yatsumi" is only the station, nothing else. The town is called Chosei and its in the sticks. Imagine Bunyip, east of Melbourne. We had a great time staying with Lara, Jun and the kids and without them, we would not have been able to do it.

From Yatsumi, follow the red, green and blue lines and you come to Oami. This is the sleepy town we live in. Oami has a population of about 25,000. We live around 10 minutes walk from the station although I tend to ride my bike to the station. Oami has one of the best ramen restaurants I have ever eaten at. Toby, you'll love it. We have 2 supermarkets, a department store called Jusco and about 400 convenience stores. Oami is small but we like it here as we get the best of both worlds. We are only 25 minutes from the bustle of Chiba city but we get the peace and quiet of the country side.

From Oami, continue along the blue line until you come to Chiba. This is Chiba city, where I work. Chiba is really cool. There are heaps of shops and restaurants and it's easy to spend a day walking around having a look. My work is about 5 minutes from the station in a building that is next to a building that has a huge crab stuck to the front of it. The crab is huge and advertises a seafood restaurant. It is a bit disconcerting though, as you walk under it you can hear the legs squeaking and squealing as they slowly move left to right. I'm convinced its going to fall one day.
I will try and get some pictures of where I work today and of the crab.

I will continue my breathtaking description of life in Japan this evening. Stay tuned and don't forget to leave a comment and say hi!

Bye for now, or as they say here in Japan, Au revoir!
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