May 20th, 2006

Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam

Raining, its pouring the old man is......getting wet!

Rainy season has definitely set in. It has been raining for the last 3 days and I'm told that it will last most of June. Murphie's law has taken hold as well. When you leave home to walk to the station, it buckets down. When you get to work it stops. Leave work to walk to the station, cats and dogs. So on and so on. I have had to surrender my masculinity and am now using an umbrella. I feel quite girly doing so and am considering getting an umbrella with flames and skulls on it to make me look tough.
Keep it real.
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Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam

Snap Happy!

We bought a new digital camera yesterday and I have been trying to work out the settings (it's all in Nihongo). I thought you may enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor. Enjoy

My wheels. Step through frame, basket and a light that doesn't work. All for the low, low price of 6,990 yen. Oh yeah!

The crab that ate Chiba. This is the giant crab on the building next to where I work. It's quite a sight and the strained noise it makes 12 hours a day is rather spooky.

Ever wondered what happened to Fat Cat after he was taken off the air??

I'm on a road to nowhere. These are a flight of stairs attached to the side of a building that appear to led nowhere. Quite handy in fact.

Me and my homeboy Dags. This is Darren, my self confessed "surly" co-worker. He is from England, so I guess I can't really blame him for being down on everything. His glass is half empty...always.

We are having dinner with the rest of my co-workers tomorrow night at a Mexican restaurant in Tsudanuma. I will get some more pics for you all them. Should be good.

Good night and good luck.

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