May 25th, 2006

Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam

I love Japan!

Gomennasai! I am so slack. Here's me saying I'd update this everyday and it's been nearly a week since the last update. I will try much harder from now on. Gambaremasu!!
Here are a few pics I took over the last couple of days. Enjoy!

This is a car name. I kid you not.

This was a sneaky snap I took last sunday on the way to church. What you cannot see from this angle is that the gentleman was wearing a tie to round out his ensemble. This natty fellow stands out from those of his generation. His keen fashion sense is something to be admired amid the sea of uncultured, fashion challenged 60 something Japanese men. You go guy!!

Here is another fashion faux pas committed by a Japanese male. That's right, I said male. This young buck was spotted sitting in the doorway of the 9:56pm local train to Oami. Once he stood up, I saw he was wearing matching track suit pants and jumper. The contrast of jet black track suit and gleaming white shoes was something to behold.

This is another fine example of the quality footwear worn by the Japanese. This gent was sporting a pair of slip on sandal like loafers made from one piece of plastic. I dare say the holes are to allow his sweating feet to breath while cooped up in a cocoon of tan plastic. These beauties are now number one on my birthday wish list.
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