July 9th, 2006

Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam

Long time, no see.

Ohayoo gozaimasu!
It's been quite some time since my last post so I plan to post several times today. I have lots of pics to show you all and a few little stories to tell. Hopefully you find something to make you laugh. Keep it real!

All my friends went to Disneyland. We went to Eyeland. Not as fun as you would think :(
Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam

Supermarket silliness.

We called into the supermarket this morning to grab some rice ($18 for 2kg!!!) and at the risk of imprisonment, I took a few snaps for you. Enjoy.

LEE curry. Not really sure what is going on here. Random English name that sounds good or actually made from real Lee's??

Anpanman, Pooh and Sparkle Star childrens' curry. Great for all the English, Scottish and Irish folks at the hall who aren't to fond of spice.

Noodles of some description. The spoon full of unchi really adds to the flavor I suppose.

If you dont like citrus fruits does that make you Lemonist?

I think this chocolate is in a bad mood.

Watering Kissmint?? Quite romantic really.

Would you like a little Creap with your coffee? This is a creamer for coffee, very nice actually.

My first question, what is a Pocari? Secondly, why would I want to drink its sweat?

Yoghurt Yoga. A new style of exercise and relaxation? Sounds a little icky to me.

This is a packet of FOUR slices of bread. Sam's decorated nail was used as a size comparison. Imagine two rounds of Vegemite sarnies in your school lunch box.You would need a barrow to carry your bag.

Weiner anyone? The Japanese love these things. You can buy them loose like this or in bags of smaller "little boys".
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Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam

Katrina's Visit

Sam's mum came to visit in mid June for my 30th birthday. She was here for a week and we all had a great time. I'm not sure how she managed to get 4kg of steak through customs but nevertheless, a fabulous meal was had by all. Katrina was enamoured with the Daiso (100yen shop)which is similar to the reject shop or the suburban $2 shop. The biggest difference is that the Daiso actually has stuff you want to buy and won't fall apart between the cash register and the boot of your car. I think she went to about 6 or 7 different stores and came out loaded down with several bags each time.
Below are some pics we took while she was here.

Sensoji Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo

Mum and Me (turning Japanese-a) at Sensoji Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo

Birthday boy, Sam and Mum at Edo Tokyo Museum, Ryogoku, Tokyo

Mum and Abbey (the car that STILL fascinates me every time)

One of the swankier residences of Oami, looking onto one of the many rice paddies around town.