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Supermarket silliness.

We called into the supermarket this morning to grab some rice ($18 for 2kg!!!) and at the risk of imprisonment, I took a few snaps for you. Enjoy.

LEE curry. Not really sure what is going on here. Random English name that sounds good or actually made from real Lee's??

Anpanman, Pooh and Sparkle Star childrens' curry. Great for all the English, Scottish and Irish folks at the hall who aren't to fond of spice.

Noodles of some description. The spoon full of unchi really adds to the flavor I suppose.

If you dont like citrus fruits does that make you Lemonist?

I think this chocolate is in a bad mood.

Watering Kissmint?? Quite romantic really.

Would you like a little Creap with your coffee? This is a creamer for coffee, very nice actually.

My first question, what is a Pocari? Secondly, why would I want to drink its sweat?

Yoghurt Yoga. A new style of exercise and relaxation? Sounds a little icky to me.

This is a packet of FOUR slices of bread. Sam's decorated nail was used as a size comparison. Imagine two rounds of Vegemite sarnies in your school lunch box.You would need a barrow to carry your bag.

Weiner anyone? The Japanese love these things. You can buy them loose like this or in bags of smaller "little boys".

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