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Gaming Goodness for the geek in all of us!


Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam

Being born in the same small Australian town as Brad Pitt, Jamie has spent much of his life fending off questions about he and Brad's early life as "Mates". Unable to avoid the constant questions and comparisons to Brad, Jamie fled Australia and has found peace in the sleepy Japanese hamlet of Oami. As an English teacher (funny huh!) Jamie has been able to spread the glorious Australian form of English know as "Occa".
A somewhat uneducated brute, Jamie was expelled from the school of life......twice.

Gaming Goodness for the geek in all of us!

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Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam
On Sunday, Samantha and I went to check out a store I had been told about by one of my students. I was told it sold a "few" second hand games and cd's. Armed with a well drawn map (thanks Saori!), we traveled 3 stops from Oami on the Togane line to Gumyo. After walking for about 30 mins in sweltering humidity, we came to our destination. 2 large black shops loomed in the distance. From the outside, it looked like one of those stores where you purchase goods aimed at, shall we say, the more mature market. Upon entering the store, I was transported into what can only be called the "Nerd Nirvana". WOW, a few second hand games I was told! What stood before me was a massive collection of second hand games, CD's and Manga. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I didn't know where to start.
I realize that this is not really the type of thing most of you are interested in but please, I beg of you, allow me this one indulgence.
Please enjoy my pictures, or at least pretend to enjoy them.

The black behemoth.

Loose Super Nintendo games.

Boxed Super Nintendo games.

Famicom Disk system software.

PSX software.

Sega Mega Drive software.

Sega Saturn software.

Accessories and Hardware.

Boxed N64 software.

Loose Famicom software. Literally thousands of them.

More loose Super Nintendo software. There was about 20 or so racks like this.

Game and Watch 0_o. Lots of older hardware.

Neo Geo PC GT and a PC LT. Very expensive.

More older hardware.

Note the Vetrex down the bottom. A lazy 498,000 yen. 5,782.79 AUD

Assorted "rarer" software. I use the term rare loosely as there was quite a few copies of each.

More "rarer" software.

Sega Master System and Neo Geo software.

Overview of the store. I was mopping up drool by this stage. :)

Overview of the store.

Overview of the store.

Overview of the store.

Anime. The Japanese get a raw deal when it comes to anime pricing. Madman Australia for the win!

Second hand current and next gen hardware.

Second hand current and next gen hardware.

Second hand current and next gen hardware.

Note that the second hand DS Lite was 4000 yen more expensive than a new one from places like Yodobashi and Bic camera. The DS Lite is fairly hard to find hence the high used prices.

"Some" Manga!

"Some more" Manga! This was insane. About 2 meters high and 4 rows deep. What if the one you wanted was at the bottom??

There were about 10 rows like this FULL of manga. I bought Yotsuba! vol. 1:)

PSX top 100 second hand games.

PSX top 100 second hand games.

PS2 software.

PS2 software.

PS2 software.

This place was next door. Full of 1 coin figures, models, toys and more Gundam goods than you could point a stick at. This is for another day.

On the train back to Oami. I felt the same. We walked about 5 km in the heat.
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