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Hey guys, since I put up those pics of the second hand game store,…


Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam

Being born in the same small Australian town as Brad Pitt, Jamie has spent much of his life fending off questions about he and Brad's early life as "Mates". Unable to avoid the constant questions and comparisons to Brad, Jamie fled Australia and has found peace in the sleepy Japanese hamlet of Oami. As an English teacher (funny huh!) Jamie has been able to spread the glorious Australian form of English know as "Occa".
A somewhat uneducated brute, Jamie was expelled from the school of life......twice.

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Shinjuku, Jamie, Sam
Hey guys, since I put up those pics of the second hand game store, our blog has received more hits than a naughty child. :)
At last count we had 27 comments! That’s about 27 more than usual. I am interested to know where everyone has found out about the pics though.

Anyway, I thought I would post a few older shots of store displays I saw in Tsutaya a few months back. They just go to show the difference between Japan and the rest of the world when it comes to in-store marketing. At my old job in Australia, a fancy in store display consisted of a poster and a cover slick. Nothing compared to these obviously fan made efforts.

Enjoy, JD out.

  • Sorry to ask, but how did you come about moving to japan? What 'suaded your decision, what's it like there and are you enjoying it all?
    • I absolutely LOVE Japan. I could live here for ever, my wife says otherwise. We just decided that the time was right to do it before
      I hit 30 and couldn't get a working holiday visa. Sam studied Japanese in Uni and did an exchange here and we then visited in 2003 to see family. Within about 4 minutes of getting back from our holiday, I was nagging Sam to move.
      I encourage anyone who has ever contemplated coming here for a year or so to do it. We had no trouble getting good jobs and are living very comfortably and saving at the same time.
      The language barrier is a bit of a hassle for me but that is purely my own fault. If you do come, take the time to learn the language first!!
      • If i can when I'm older, I'm seriously considering moving to japan. For now (as im 16), the best i can do is just save up some money for a weekend trip there or something. It's not much, But I really want to visit Japan. It's such an amazing country.
  • Awesome pics

    This is one of the greatest video game stores I've ever seen- thanks for the great pics you've put up the last week or so. Your blog has been getting more hits than usual because www.joystiq.com has an article about this awesome store and your cool blog on it (http://www.joystiq.com/2006/07/15/the-mecca-of-used-game-stores/) If you click on the picture it brings you to your blog page. Anyway, thanks again for the great pics and blog.
  • You got dugg'ed, and your stuff appaered on gamesetwatch (or was it joystiq?) as well. ;)

    PS: I hope you don't mind me flisting you. Finding English-speaking people living in Japan is like hitting gold for me. ;)
    • Where...

      I found your blog through www.fazed.net . This site would also add to your high hit count.

  • (Anonymous)
    Thats a lot of games!
    Could spend days in there raking through all manner of stuff.

    Oami is a cracking little place about 40 minutes on the Bozo Express from Tokyo
    Takes about 1 hr 20 mins if getting the local service trains.

    Very friendly people if a little taken aback by seeing foreigners!

    How do i know this? Just spent 2 weeks living with my outlaws on the outskirts of Oami.

    Ian Will - Aberdeen, Scotland
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