Shoganai (jamie_sam) wrote,

Got nothing witty for this...sorry!

Two of our friends from Australia came to visit recently. They were on the tail end of a world trip and made a quick pit stop in the land of the rising sun. We had a great couple days seeing some sights and showing them around. I am not sure, but I don't think they were quite as enamored with Japan as I am. [start whisper] I think there may be something wrong with them to tell you the truth [end whisper].

I have included a few pictures we took during their stay. Feel free to photo-shop any of them and email me the results.

Sam, Jo and Sarah enjoying a Starbucks Frappucino in a completely natural non posed way.

Sam, Jo and Sarah in front of Studio Alta. Studio Alta is the meeting place of choice for Japanese cool kids. Kind of like the Flinders street station clocks.......but cooler and no drunks.

Sam, Jo and Sarah at one of Shinjuku stations 483 exits. I want a hat like the lady to the left of Sam.

Studio Alta at night. I think it can be seen from the space shuttle.

Shinjuku at night.

Shinjuku by day.

Shinjuku by day.

Jo and Sarah with Oami's sole celebrity. He didn't want to be there. Can't blame him.

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