Shoganai (jamie_sam) wrote,

And now for something completely different!

That last post just happened. I'm not even sure why I wrote it. I just seemed like something I had to do.

But...enough of that. I have some more pictures of crazy Japanese hilarity for you to titter at. Or at least raise a dry smile to.


But, I was in a hurry!

I forget where this was taken. If only I had my Folca with me.

This is the front of a Karaoke building. Very inviting wouldn't you say?

"No Loan" is the name of a housing loans company. Doesn't exactly fill one with confidence.

I seriously have no idea what on earth this is going on about. Any ideas?

If you are hit by a red train while wearing blue shorts and a green top, you will die. Blue train, green shorts and a red top, safe.

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