Shoganai (jamie_sam) wrote,

TGS 2006

Here is a collage of pictures I took at the Tokyo Game Show last weekend. Notice the freaks in pink. They were a couple who had donned matching outfits for a day out playing video games. The enthusiastic young gentleman had even gone so far as to write the letters T.G.S on his forehead. Such dedication is rarely seen outside Japan. Thank goodness.

Fifth row down, first picture. The guy in the middle with the glasses is none other than Hideo Kojima. Producer of the fine Metal Gear Solid series of video games. I was near greatness for about 30 seconds until I realized he was speaking Japanese so I let. Not quite as exciting as meeting say, Jon Bon Jovi. I would put it ib the same league as meeting Al Grazby, which, incidentally, I never have.

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